Digital X-Rays

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Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays are an important and integral part of today’s dental care delivery. While conventional film based dental X-ray technology has been the only option available for many, many years, advances in digital technologies and X-ray technology have been able to provide for newer methodology of digital dental X-rays.

Along with the arrival of Digital Dental X-ray technology, many dental care providers have been able to make it part of their equipment at their dental care facility.

The older workflow, for many years, required patients to run to separate Dental X-ray facilities, get the X-rays taken and bring back the film to the dentist to get further dental care. This has changed drastically in recent years, with the availability of in-house digital dental x-ray capability in many dental offices.

M.S.R Tooth Clinic is one of the leading users of this digital dental x-ray technology for the detection, diagnosis and treatment of its patients. With the availability of this service in-house at their clinic, M.S.R Tooth Clinic is able to provide quick, reliable service to its patients, through advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques using Digital X-ray technology.

Gum disease, tooth decay, bone loss, impacted teeth, tumors and cavities can all be detected in early stages during a dental cleaning or check up by x-rays.

Benefits of Digital X-rays

The main and most important benefit of using digital x-rays is that the present day digital x-ray units do not emit as much radiation as conventional film based x-ray units. Though radiation cannot be totally eliminated, today’s sensor technologies that are used with digital dental-x-ray units are able to provide instant, high resolution images of the mouth with as much 70-80% reduction in the overall radiation exposure than the older, conventional, film-based X-ray technology.

Further, the images are available for the dentist to view instantly, there is no delays with film processing and developing and related other issues with using films including chemicals, non-recyclable films, etc., which make the older technology less eco-friendly in the present world.

The Imaging Technology available for dentistry use has also advanced these days, with dentists being able to enhance, magnify and observe high resolution images for more precision diagnostics and treatment decisions. As digital images, these are also easy to store and retrieve for subsequent treatment visits, and further options for portability of images also exist.

M.S.R Tooth Clinic, with its in-house Planmeca Panoramic Digital Dental X-ray unit and associated software, operated and used by trained technicians and dentists, takes pride in utilizing this latest technology in dentistry to not only benefit us, but to benefit our patients as well.

The safety and well-being of our patients is a top priority, and our in-house digital x-ray facility aids us in this.

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