Our Facilities

Our Facilities

M.S.R Tooth Clinic has a modern, state-of-the-art facility that serves our patients. We have evolved from humble beginnings through the dedicated work and vision of Dr. R. Prakash to the present day facility. We give you a brief overview of our facility below, through images and brief description of the various parts of our clinic.

Our clinic is housed in a modern, present day building, comprised of a three-storey structure.

X-Ray Room

Implant Center

Ortho Room

Recovery Room


Waiting Hall

Sterilization Room

Microscope Room

Dental Services Room

Dental Service Room

Our everyday Dental Services Room is where most of the regular
Dental Services are provided to our patients.

X-Ray Room

We have an in-house Digital X-ray unit that allows us to quickly evaluate your oral condition and suggest you a course of suitable treatment. The Diagnosis and Treatment time is considerably reduced by this, as patients do not have to go to an external X-ray facility, get X-rayed, wait for the X-ray film and carry it back to our facility to decide the next course of their treatment.

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Microscope/Equipment Room

We have various dental equipment that allows us to test and evaluate several dental conditions in-house. This proves to be a big advantage in being able to provide more efficient and faster treatment for our patients.

OT & Recovery Room

We have an in-house Operating Theatre and Recovery Room to serve our patients. This allows us to conveniently schedule and provide suitable treatment options for our patients without their having to move around from one facility to another for various facets of a dental treatment plan. In addition, post-operative recovery is facilitated in our comfortable in-house Recovery Room.

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